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In-depth and Individualized  Services

Space & Grace Learning offers a deeply personalized approach to your child's learning style.  Working with your child through their strengths and passions can only fuel their curiosity of all of the possibilities for learning in their environment. In each session, children often feel they are just playing rather than working on their skills and development.  Share your goals with us through our free consultation and we can work together to meet your child's own approach to learning .  We can help you determine a path that makes sense for your child.

Developmental Integration

Children accomplish many milestones in the early years of development, such as  rolling over, crawling and speaking.  These early movements build a strong foundation for more complex learning as they mature. When there is an interruption in the progression of these building blocks, barriers to growth occur; children are faced with obstacles to reaching their potential.   Our Developmental Integration sessions are designed to identify these obstacles and develop a learning plan of action which personally supports your child.  More

Academic Tutoring

There are several reasons children fall behind in academic expectations.  Sometimes they need one to one teaching to help them solidify basic or advanced concepts.  Other times, there is a developmental difference that affects the way they learn.  We begin with a screening to determine your child's personal learning style.  Students struggling with reading, handwriting, composition and math skills will benefit from this personalized approach. Our tutoring sessions are not simply more of what they get in school.  We employ activities that open up each child's unique pathway to learning.  More

Creative Enrichment

Engaging the heart and emotions is the best way for the school-aged child to access knowledge.  When a child is able to learn in a creative environment, they develop a strong picture imagination that  not only supports compassion in relationships and confidence in their own uniqueness, but strengthens their memory and skills like reading and calculation.  Growing confidence in who they are and in their potential and abilities leads to social-emotional health.  Our Creative Enrichment programs are fun and specifically designed to tap into the child's own creative intelligence.  It's exciting to see this newfound confidence affect their whole being.  More

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