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Mary Jo AbiNader

Mary Jo AbiNader

Founder, Educational Specialist

Delivering Exceptional Service to Students

Mary Jo AbiNader practices her belief that the whole child approach gives each child the space and grace needed to be their authentic self to succeed and thrive. Children can access their truest academic potential by building a strong foundation in physical body control and fluidity, and emotional balance and compassion. 

Ms. AbiNader has a diverse and creative background in education.  She is a certified Waldorf Class Teacher and National Shakespeare Conservatory graduate with a BA in Education, Creative Dramatics and Theater. She is certified in the Educational Remedial Support  Program from Association for Healing Education. 

Ms. AbiNader continues to study to stay connected to new trends in education and deepen her understanding of Waldorf pedagogy to meet the needs of all children and their learning styles.  She has experience with Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Program, HANDLE Sensory Integration Institute and Brain Gym and Primitive Reflex Integration.

Ms. AbiNader currently offers tutoring through PDX Reading and Literacy Specialist and is an online teacher for Lotus & Ivy Virtual Classes, teaching grade three, flutes and recorders.  In her one to one sessions, she utilizes this wealth of knowledge and skill to set up each child for success as they stretch their boundaries of what is possible for their own education.


Ms. AbiNader is available for parent and teacher consultation, parent coaching, educational support in the classroom, mentoring new teachers and Waldorf curriculum development,  and working with students with diagnosed or undiagnosed dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and ADHD individually, in small groups or the whole class weaving critical thinking with the creative arts, movement and therapeutic education.  


As a dedicated education professional for 40 years, Ms. AbiNader has:   

  • Shared her enthusiasm, curiosity and sense of awe and wonder for the natural world and learning through observation.

  • Embedded Social Emotional Learning  in each lesson through story, role play, artistic activities, mindfulness and communication skill building. 

  •  Developed organizational strategies for students to strengthen their executive function skills and ability to create clear goals and objectives for lessons.  

  • Executed successful distant learning engagement, exploring a variety of modalities including videoconferencing, instructional videos and audios and an organized offering of materials and resources on Google Classroom. 

  • Awesome academic success of Waldorf alum demonstrated by students pursuing careers in education, business, the arts, political science, engineering and law.  

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