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Academic Tutoring

Children needing additional support with their math and language arts skills will find a fun and engaging method working with Space & Grace Learning.   We create an individualized plan for your child to strengthen foundational skills.  Each lesson offers step by step strategies for each concept explored.

Arithmetic Skills

We use movement, imaginative stories, manipulatives, repetition and games to encourage your child to have fun with the Foundational concepts as well as tackling more difficult material in Math. 

Arithmetic Basics include Number Sense, Four Operations, Math Facts and Times Tables

Next step building blocks in grade school include Fractions, Percents, Ratios and Geometry

Language Arts

Visual and memory games, singing and poetry help reinforce the mental picturing needed for success in Language Arts.​ To develop confidence in reading, handwriting, spelling and composition, foundational skills will be reinforced in a nurturing environment. 

Language Arts includes reading, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, grammar, composition and handwriting in manual and cursive script.

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