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Summer Break Adventures
In Person


Here at Space & Grace Learning  we think summer is the time to explore,  build and create!  Give your child an opportunity to warm up their body, mind, creativity and social skills in a fun, safe environment.  Space and Grace Learning offers small group, week-long sessions of Adventure.  Each session gives your child individual attention with age appropriate activities for creative problem solving while they design, build and play.  Your child will experience gross motor activity, free play, artistic activities and academic puzzles during their Adventure.  

After the morning full of movement challenges, imaginative play, crafts and stories, we will walk 15 minutes to Sewellcrest Park for our picnic lunch and free play in beautiful nature.

On Fridays, parents and friends are invited to join in the fun and see a presentation of the week's Adventure.  I look forward to seeing you there!


Fire & Ice Summer Science

for ages 7-11

Curious experiments and outdoor fun for young naturalists.

July 8-12



Over in the Meadow

for 5s, 6s and 7s

Imaginative and social play through story, song and crafting. 

Aug 12-16


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