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Developmental Integration

Developmental Assessment

Developmental Integration sessions begin with a screening or assessment through personal observation and interaction in a comfortable engaging setting. We are looking for age-appropriate physical development and maturation.   The Assessment is 60-90 minutes of drawing, balancing, skipping, and imaginative movement.  Your child will end the session feeling successful and energized.   The observations and outcomes will support our complete and individualized learning plan for your child.  In each session, children often feel they are just playing rather than working on their skills and development.

Children who benefit most from Developmental Integration may have the following challenges:

  • Struggles in school with attention or organization

  • Might not hear instructions clearly or decipher the meaning

  • Seems to not be able to control their emotions

  • Appears physically awkward at times

  • Doesn't like to read

  • Has a hard time memorizing or remembering things

  • Struggles with sensitivities

 Each session includes gross motor and fine motor movement activities that support integration of primitive reflexes, letter and number reversals, and sensitivities that get in the way of learning. 

Developmental Integration sessions are fun, engaging and non-invasive for children of all ages.  Check-ins occur regularly and screenings reoccur after each 12-week block . The learning plan is adapted for successes and changes.

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