Space & Grace Learning

Educational Support

Academic Tutoring

Creative Enrichment

At Space & Grace Learning, we believe all children need an environment of trust and age appropriate curriculum and activities for their education.


We use a (w)holistic approach, engaging your child through their senses and physical movement.


We connect to their creative impulses to activate their curiosity and desire to learn.

We identify obstacles that may be holding them back from reaching their true potential. 


Educational Support

If your child struggles with learning differences or obstacles to learning such as overstimulation, anxiety, gross/fine motor control, ADHD, academic difficulties, we would love to work with them.  Our non-invasive, one-to-one tutoring approach is designed to help each child experience success working with new strategies and personal tools for self-control, mindfulness, and physical dexterity.  As your child gains control over obstacles in their body and movement, they will be ready with more confidence to work through academic challenges.

Creative Enrichment

Grade School children learn best through their emotional connection to the material they are learning. Activities involving the imagination ignite their curiosity to learn more.  After the stresses of living through a pandemic, all children can benefit from activities that heal the heart and foster compassion. Our individual and small group arts and crafting sessions and school break adventures can open up your child's creative and compassionate impulses in a safe and creative environment.